The New MLA Handbook is here!

By - Library Web Services / Archives Assistant October 5th, 2009

Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian

This spring, the new, updated version of the MLA Handbook was released.  Two important formatting changes of note:  the MLA has moved from underlining titles to italicizing titles and also, most citations now include media type somewhere in the citation.  Two examples are below (the red font color has been added for our example purposes only).

Stern, Robert A.M. “The Architecture of St. Paul’s School and Design of the

Ohrstrom Library.” Alumni Horae Fall 1992: 149. Print.

Weeks, Jennifer. “Buying Green: Does It Really Help the Environment?” CQ

Researcher 29 Feb. 2008: n. pag. CQ Researcher Online. Web. 2 Oct. 2009. <>.

There are two copies of the new MLA Handbook available at the Library’s front desk.  Simply stop by and ask to borrow a copy for in-library use.  If you have already purchased your own copy then take advantage of a new feature in the 7th addition –  using the code located inside the back cover of the book to registered at the MLA website.  This will give you full access to the book online anytime you need it.

The library has also updated its MLA guides to reflect the changes made in the 7th edition MLA Handbook. See a full list of MLA Citation Guides HERE.

Noodlebib also went through an upgrade this summer and now too, reflects the changes made in the new MLA Handbook.  See the Noodlebib Citation Guide HERE.

And as always, you can ask anyone on the Library staff to help you with your citation questions.

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