Sustainability at SPS: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

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Deb Baker – Interim Reference Librarian

Concord Reads, a One Book One Community program, has partnered with area high schools and NHTI to hold discussions of the 2008 book, Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Anne Stephenson of Clean Air-Cool Planet, a NH nonprofit focused on global warming, will be on campus tomorrow, October 9th, speaking at chapel and meeting with students.  Anne will review the projected changes to the New Hampshire climate, and discuss the significance of institutional greenhouse gas reductions – like those undertaken by St. Paul’s.  Students have a key role in those reductions, and Anne will discuss the ways in which independent school and college students across the country have reduced their institutional footprint, as well as reducing that of their families and communities.

Barbara Kingsolver is a longtime environmental advocate, and her latest book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle describes a year in which the author’s family chose to eat only what they could produce or purchase locally. Kingsolver’s skill as a storyteller makes the book a good read, and the ideas she explores are thought provoking. Her husband Steven, a scientist, adds informative essays on issues such as farm subsidies, agricultural pollution, and the impact of modern food production and distribution on global warming.  Elder daughter Camille adds her own perspective on the family’s experiment including recipes for seasonal eating.  Both the book and accompanying  website are packed with resources for those who want to learn more.

HELPFUL FOR: Religion and Ethics, Topics in Global Events, Leadership for Social Justice, Eco Action

FUN FOR: locavores, climate change activists, journalists, future organic farmers, future policy makers, Eco Actioners, people who love to eat, debaters, devil’s advocates

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