India Week at Ohrstrom Library

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In line with the Global Awareness thread of the St. Paul’s School’s Strategic Plan,  Ohrstrom Library in concert with the rest of St. Paul’s School is showcasing many print and visual materials* in the Baker Reading Room that are bound to stir the curiosity of students, faculty and staff about this fascinating country.  As the world’s most populous democracy and emerging economic powerhouse, India is a critical player on the world stage.  The Library display only hints at the various cultural, political, religious and socioeconomic factors and historical complexities that form a rich tapestry of stories well worth exploring.

In addition to dozens of works of fiction and non-fiction covering a wide array of Indian themes,  several photographic works by Tamara Farnetani are also exhibited.  Farnetani , a photographer whose images are also on display in the Schoolhouse,  the Upper, and the Athletic Fitness Center,  specializes in portraits and works in India and Italy.  Her powerful display is entitled Vrindavan – City of Widows.  For more detail and a view of her photographs,  please see her website HERE.

* Many of the books on display during India Week were acquired through a gift fund created by Dr. and Mrs. Surinder Saini whose generosity helps strengthen and develop Ohrstrom Library’s holdings in India Studies with particular attention to the Punjab Region and Sikh culture. We express our deepest gratitude.

Photo by Tamera Farnetani –  used with permission. © 2008 Waiting for Eternity by Tamara Farnetani.

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