Welcome ASP: It’s Summertime!

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Welcome to the 55th Session of ASP!

St. Paul’s School founded the Advanced Studies Program in 1958 to provide talented New Hampshire public and parochial high school juniors with challenging educational opportunities, and use of the Ohrstrom Library is integral to this enriching experience. The staff of Ohrstrom Library welcomes ASP faculty and students and hope that you enjoy and take advantage of its collections and services this summer.

Did you know?

  • The ASP went co-ed in 1961 (10 years before SPS).
  • The ice-cream machine in the Upper is provided by the ASP.
  • In its early years, the ASP was primarily focused on math and science, offering such courses as: biology, calculus, chemistry and physics.
  • The evening door count at the library is at its highest during the ASP.
  • Man and Media, a pre-cursor to today’s Mass Media course, was taught by author, and former SPS and ASP faculty member, Richard Lederer.
  • College Counseling services were added to the ASP in 1979.
  • In a green effort, the school dining hall went trayless in 2006 – beginning with that year’s ASP class.
  • The former Rector, William R. Matthews, Jr., SPS ’61, is also a former ASP faculty member.
  • Despite the flood of May 2006, the ASP still ran, but without access to Hargate or Ohrstrom Library.
  • There are currently over 10,000 ASP alumni!

What else was going on in 1958? The American singing group, The Jamies, the doo-wop duo of Tom and Serena Jameson, released the single “Summertime, Summertime” for Epic Records, which reached #26 on the US Billboard Hot 100.


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  1. Bruce Corson

    Is there an ASP website? I attended in 1969, physics, loved it. Have lost touch with most everyone there. I live in Ohio now.

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