Don’t judge a book by its cover, judge it by its first line(s)

Can you guess the titles of these books from their first lines? Do they make you want to pick them up?

Dazzling…wrenching…a mind bender.”– Time

“Brain-boggling.”– Life

“Full of poetry, scientific imagination, and typical wry Clarke wit. By standing the universe on its head, he makes us see the ordinary universe in a different light…[This novel becomes] a complex allegory about the history of the world.”– The New Yorker

“Breathtaking.” Saturday Review

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“A story to make you believe in the soul-sustaining power of fiction.”– Los Angeles Times Book Review

“A gripping adventure story . . . Laced with wit, spiced with terror, it’s a book by an extraordinary talent.”– St. Paul Pioneer-Press

“A terrific book . . . Fresh, original, smart, devious, and crammed with absorbing lore.”– Margaret Atwood

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“A delicious, compulsively readable novel about young love and its vicissitudes. What fun!” –Erica Jong

“Dreamy and funny . . . an odd, shimmering timelessness clings to its pages. A thousand and one cheers for its reissue. A+” –Entertainment Weekly

“It is an occasion worth celebrating when a sparkling novel, a work of wit, irony, and feeling is brought back into print after an absence of many years. So uncork the champagne for I Capture the Castle.” –Los Angeles Times

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“A brilliant, three-dimensional mosaic…the story of Elaine’s childhood is so real and heartbreaking you want to stand up in your seat and cheer.” — Boston Sunday Globe

“Stunning…Atwood conceives Elaine with a poet’s transforming fire; and delivers her to us that way, a flame inside an icicle.” — Los Angeles Times

“Nightmarish, evocative, heartbreaking.” — The New York Times Book Review

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