Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset

Over the summer, we were fortunate to have Sheyenne Lester as our ASP Library Intern.  While she was here, she worked on (among lots of other things!) updating the bulletin board in the Wellness area. We were so taken by her ideas, we asked her to write a blog post about it.


Like a fresh cup of coffee or a good story, a change in mindset will surely lift your spirits.

The way we speak about ourselves, to ourselves, should make top billing on our self-care lists. It’s an important skill to recognize negative self-talk and make a conscious effort to change the narrative. When Fall Term comes knocking, the sudden shift from leisurely summer days, to jam-packed schedules and never-ending to-do lists is easily overwhelming. All at once, reality turns from playful and spontaneous to serious and regimented. So, the best way to process such a transition is to practice an awareness of your mindset. Consider, Am I quickly assuming the worst? Can I consider the positives of this situation? I know this is difficult, but how can I help myself succeed at this moment?

A Fixed Mindset is a stagnant way of thinking. You are likely unwilling to change, adjust your strategy, or consider any outcome other than the worst. Everything is impossible.

A Growth Mindset is a willingness to look beyond the current situation. Meaning, you’re eager to work through any issues and try new solutions. You’re looking to the future, not stuck in the present moment. Everything is possible.

Throughout your day, be an active participant in your mindset. Meaning, don’t passively allow thoughts to take over a situation. Remember, YOU have all the power to flip the script. When a self-doubting voice comes across your path, recognize the thought, stop it in its tracks, and actively work to add a positive spin. Think, Could this challenging assignment teach me a valuable skill? Will I prove to myself I can achieve hard things if I try my best at this? You’ll surprise yourself, that acting successful will get you closer to success in the end, a lesson you can learn from The Happiness Project, which can be found on the reading list which you can find HERE or below.



Interested? Check out the Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset Wellness bulletin board on the third floor of Ohrstrom Library.  There you can grab a bookmark and grab a book!  It’s a new school year, let’s start it off with the right mindset!

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