Earth Day is April 22

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Earth Day is Saturday April 22nd.  Since April is also Poetry Month, what better way to talk about the allure of the world around us than through poetry?

Ms. Ludwig writes:

“There’s something about spring that lends itself well to poetry. Maybe it’s the beauty of the natural world thawing out after a long winter, or perhaps it’s the metaphor of new life all around us. If you find yourself in a beautiful spot on the grounds, try taking out your phone or a notebook and jotting down what you see. Find the little things: the way the sun catches the stream, a chickadee’s song, the breeze in the grass. Those small observations can inspire you to tell a story through poetry.

For some inspiration, or just to see the wonder of spring through a poet’s eye, check out these poets who have written so eloquently about the natural world.”


And here is a recommended reading list if you are interested in learning more about the environment, climate change, and the things we can do today (big and small) to help the planet tomorrow.

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