The Mind’s Paintbrush

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Attitude is the Mind’s Paintbrush- it Colors Everything!

Ms. Flanagan just updated the bulletin board in our Wellness area. We were so interested in the idea that we asked her to write a blog post about it.  She writes:

“As a somewhat mature human person, I’ve acquired a nuanced understanding of the word ‘attitude’. When you’re growing up, you only ever seem to hear it in a negative context. Think back to “Why are you giving me attitude?” or “You’re not going anywhere with that attitude!” for example. Unfair misunderstandings and variable emotions get written off as the dreaded attitude, and honestly, it’s almost enough to turn a person off the concept all together!

But the word (and concept) deserve another look. Attitude is not a bad thing, nor is it immovable, unchangeable, innate. Attitude is simply the way you choose to look at and interact with your world. The choice is what’s important! You may find that you naturally drift to certain outlooks, but a careful examination of your own tendencies can lead to a much more balanced perspective.

So, let yourself think about it. Or read about it – check out some recommendations in our list below!”

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