Meet Our Proctors!

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Here at Ohrstrom, we are very fortunate to have a small group of 5th and 6th Formers as our Library Proctors. These Proctors are a great help to us – they shelve books, work on projects for the librarians, staff the front desk, and do rounds (you have probably seen them walking around with a clicker!). Our evenings are so much easier thanks to this fabulous Proctor team!  What is the best way to get to know a Proctor though? We thought about it, and then we asked each of them…

What is your favorite space in Ohrstrom Library?

It will come as no surprise that Baker Reading Room is a favorite. Aydin, Luka, and Kennedy all say it is the best, with Aydin noting that it has the “best afternoon sunlight and pond view”. Luka and Kennedy also like those comfy couches near the windows!  Another favorite is the Quiet Room on the third floor. Julia loves “the windows and the lighting” and Alana says that the art books “inspire creativity when my mind feels dull and stagnant”.  In keeping with the room theme, Madison likes the Shakespeare Room on the third floor for the “comfy chairs” and “old books”, Diego often uses the CIT Room on the lower level because those huge whiteboards “allow for easy collaborative work with classmates”, and Marvin hangs out in Kehaya, feeling like it gives him “great inspiration for Latin and Greek homework”.

A few of our Proctors have very specific places in the library that they like best. Jenny likes Study Carrel #4 and Nicole favors Study Carrel #5. Both like the private space to study and note that the whiteboards often come in handy. Henry always tries to claim the desk cubby at the end of the 3rd floor hallway near the Tower Room. He says it is a great place to go when he needs to concentrate.  And finally, Raen likes working behind the front desk, where they get to “talk to the librarians and greet everyone as they walk in”.

Next time you are in the Library, be sure to say hello to our Proctors and thank them for doing such a great job!


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