• Nugalia

    December 16, 1902

    Bountiful harvest: Mrs. Neales decorated the [Lower School] dining-room very tastefully for Thanksgiving Day. Fir trees were placed in the corners of the room, and the fireplace was filled with different fruits of the harvest.

  • Library News

    Think Before You Print

    Lisa Laughy – Library Web Services There are many ways that greener thinking has changed our awareness and helped to improve the eco-footprint of the St. Paul’s School community. There has been an effort to reduce the amount of paper used, with some School publications being distributed online in PDF file formats instead of being printed. This helps us all see that even small changes can make a difference, especially when multiplied by many people being mindful about the environmental impact of their actions. One small change in thinking that could help in the larger picture is to stop and think before printing. It’s not just thinking about whether you…