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Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

One of the most compelling aspects of blogging is the opportunity to interact with readers through the comment section.  Ohrstrom Blog gives the library staff a great new way to share library information with the SPS community, but it also provides community members with a way to share their thoughts with us.  This two-way communication has the potential of making the blog, the library website, and the library itself a more dynamic place for St. Paul’s students and faculty.  To that end, this post is your invitation to open the line of communication by leaving a comment on the blog.

The comments section on this and any blog post can be accessed by clicking on the small pale green words “Click Here to Comment:” positioned below the headline of the post (just underneath “Categories:”).  You can also get to the commenting page by clicking on the headline of the post.  Give that a try now and you can finish reading the post on the commenting page. . . . Now that you are there you can see the commenting form underneath the post.  In order the leave a comment you will first need to fill in the “name” field and the “email” field.  You are welcome to use a screen name, it’s not necessary to give your full name.  Your email address does not show up in your published comment, but a valid address is required to help prove that you are not a spambot.  The third field is optional for including your website address if you have one, and this will be included in your published comment.  Once you get those formalities out of the way you are free to fill the comment box with whatever is on your mind and click on the ‘submit comment’ button.

Comments are moderated by the blog administrator, so your comments won’t show up immediately on the post.  This delay keeps spam out of the comment section and also allows filtering out anything naughty or otherwise inappropriate.  As librarians we are all about freedom of speech – as long as your comments are on-topic and use reasonable language you should make the grade.

Now you are ready to give commenting a try – leave a note to let us know you are out there, simply say hello, or let us know what you think of Ohrstrom Blog.  It will be good to hear from you.

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  1. Lydia

    Hello, Ms. Laughy–

    I love the entire new Ohrstrom website–the design, colors, detail, news, information & blogging are terrific!! Thanks for this great new information tool Keep up the good work and keep that news and information flowing!


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