Ohrstrom Library Web Services Makeover

By - Systems Librarian November 17th, 2010

Ohrstrom Blog was spruced up over the summer and now Ohrstrom Library’s main website has followed suit.  The result is a seamless navigational experience for all of Ohrstrom Library’s web services.

The top-level navigational menu provides key access points to some of the more frequent destinations. The navigational menu in the sidebar, now conveniently located on the right hand side of the window, connects users to all the online offerings from Ohrstrom Library.  This menu provides full access from any page, whether you are reading the most recent blog post, accessing databases, locating the latest research guide, or discovering School history through an Archives exhibit.

Take time to browse and re-familiarize yourself with all of the interesting and useful information that resides among the pages of Ohrstrom Library’s web services.

An Ohrstrom Library Welcome

By - Systems Librarian September 9th, 2010

Welcome to students just beginning their St. Paul’s School experience, and welcome back to those of you with familiar faces.  The crisp excitement of the new school year is in the air, eagerly blowing across Lower School Pond and up the steps of Ohrstrom Library.  There will be much that is reassuringly familiar when you come into the Library, but you will also discover much that is refreshingly new.

The first thing you may notice is that Ohrstrom Blog now has a new look – this clean and open design paves the way for the future  integration of the growing number of Library web services into one seamless navigational experience.  Stay tuned to Ohrstrom Blog for the release of the updated Library Website later this term, and the launch of an exciting new Archives online resource later in the school year.

Also new this year is the addition of eBooks to Ohrstrom Library’s collection.  Look for a blog post next week explaining all the details of this exciting new Humanities resource.   A future blog post will also detail our soon-to-be-available eBook reader.

Unchanged is the commitment of the Ohrstrom Library staff to providing the best academic resources possible to St. Paul’s School students, faculty and staff.  Welcome back to your library.

Ohrstrom Library on Facebook: Your New BFF!

By - Systems Librarian November 2nd, 2009

Lisa Laughy – Library Web Sevices

Ohrstrom Library has a page on Facebook and you are invited to become a fan!

The Ohrstrom Library Facebook Page has been set up for a few months now and the number of fans is growing every day.  If you spend time on Facebook, becoming a fan of the Ohrstrom Library page is a great way to stay in touch with library-related news and information.  Links are added to new Ohrstrom Blog posts as soon as they become available.  New links added to Ohrstrom Library’s Delicious account are posted as well.  When you become a fan of Ohrstrom Library you will receive updated notices of these postings on your account’s Home page News / Live Feed.  You will then be able to keep track of all of the great new reference books, reliable online resources, and the latest news from Ohrstrom Library.  It is an effortless way to stay connected while networking on Facebook.

To become a fan of Ohrstrom Library, log into your Facebook account and type “Ohrstrom Library” into the search box.  Look for the familiar Ohrstrom logo under the “Pages” heading.  Or – click the link located further down in the Ohrstrom Blog sidebar where it says “Ohrstrom Library on Facebook”.  Once you are a fan, invite your friends to join too!

Ohrstrom Blog: What It Did on Its Summer Vacation

By - Systems Librarian September 15th, 2009

Lisa Laughy – Library Web Services

While SPS students were off on their own summer adventures the Ohrstrom Blog took advantage of the down-time to make some improvements.  The summer months were jam-packed and fun-filled for the blog and now it has a new look and offers some great new features to enhance the users’ experience.

When school ended you may remember that the blog had the following look:

Now the design is updated to coordinate with Ohrstrom Library’s other web resources including the new online catalog:

You may already have noticed the new poll feature located in the sidebar on the left asking the question:  “How many books did you read for fun during your summer vacation?”  Take a moment now to submit your answer the poll and be sure to return to see how your choices compare within the larger results.  New polls will be added on a regular basis so check back often.

Additionally, a visually interactive Library calendar has been added.  You can access the calendar through the “Hours” link in the top menu above or through menu in the Library website.  Running your mouse over the day block on the calendar will show you the hours the library is open for that day.

Shhhh! I’m Reading Ohrstrom Blog!

By - Systems Librarian October 3rd, 2008

Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

We received the warm news last week that our own dear Librarian Action Figure has a twin sister – Deluxe Librarian Action Figure!  You can tell them apart from the color of their outfits – LAF is dressed in a demure and utilitarian navy blue outfit, and Deluxe LAF in a more eye-catching red version of the same outfit.  Otherwise these sisters are identical so it is a very good thing they are color coded.

Deluxe Librarian Action Figure has joined the cause and is now devoting her time to spreading the word about the interesting and helpful content now available on Ohrstrom Blog.  She has joined her sister as library mascot, but they now both add the job of Blog Promoter to their resumes.  Together they are launching a campaign to increase the awareness of Ohrstrom Blog around campus. They have already been spotted in a few places around the library (including the screensaver slideshow featured on the kiosk computers) compelling us all to “READ Ohrstrom Blog!”  Keep your eyes out for further evidence of their dedication to the cause, and help them spread the news.

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