New Reference Book: Global Perspectives on the United States

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Deb Baker – Interim Reference Librarian

Global Perspectives on the United States: A Nation by Nation Survey edited by David Levinson and Karen Christensen, Berkshire Publishing Group, 2007.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: Ref. 327.73 L579 v.1

Global Perspectives on the United States

Volumes one and two of this set explore current and historical global opinions towards the U.S. with “A Nation by Nation Survey” of 140 countries. The third volume, “Issues and Ideas Shaping International Relations,” contains 95 articles about world views on U.S. policy, perspectives, values, business and commerce, organizations, culture, trends, and issues, as well as a “Reader’s Guide” grouping related entries.

HELPFUL FOR: American Foreign Policy, Topics in Global Events

FUN FOR: future pundits and politicians, NPR junkies, opinionistas, journalists

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