New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of the Solar System

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Deb Baker – Interim Reference Librarian

Encyclopedia of the Solar System edited by Lucy-Ann McFadden, Paul R. Weissman, and Torrence V. Johnson, Elsevier Inc., 2007.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: Ref. 523.2 M16

Encyclopedia of the Solar System

Organized into 47 chapters authored by 76 scientists ranging from basic astronomy to advanced theories and recent discoveries, this encyclopedia is packed with images, charts, drawings, and diagrams. Every chapter has a bibliography, and the editors include an extensive glossary. In the foreword, Wesley T. Huntress tells readers, “This is your highway to the solar system.” Sightseer or pilgrim, you’ll enjoy the ride.

HELPFUL FOR: Introduction to Astronomy, Stellar Astronomy, Galactic Astronomy, Physics Seminar: Relativity, Quantum, and Unification Theories

FUN FOR: stargazers, future astronauts, SETI supporters, rocket scientists

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