New Reference Book: Energy, Transportation & the Environment

Energy, Transportation & the Environment: A Statistical Sourcebook and Guide to Government Data: Information Publications, 2009.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 363.7 In3E

Largely focusing on three main areas:
1.    Energy
2.    Transportation
3.    Environment

This guide contains the most pertinent statistics from the vast information resource gathered by the federal government. Each section is broken down into additional subsections.  For example, read about:
•    Energy production and consumption by source, 1949-2007
•    Fossil fuel production on federally-run land, 1980-2007
•    Alternative-fueled vehicles on the road, 1995-2006
•    Alternative fueling stations by state and type, 2008
•    Projected world oil supply and use, 2006-2030

Helpful for: Eco-Action, Global Issues, Sustainability Studies, Ecology, Statistics

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