How to Cite an eBook that is Only Available on an eReader

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When citing an eBook that is only available on an eReader (meaning, an eBook that does not present its text on the web nor within a web-based database) include at the end of the citation the file name.  If the file name is not evident, use instead the name of the eReader device.

Here is an example using the Alice in Wonderland text as found on the library’s Kindle:

Carroll, Lewis. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Public Domain Books, 1997. N. pag. Kindle file.

The helpful folks over at Noodletools share their thoughts HERE.

Comparatively, here is a citation for an eBook that does live on the web, within one of the the library’s eBook collections.

Ingram, Susan, and Katrina Sark. Berliner Chic : A Locational History of Berlin Fashion. Chicago: Intellect, 2011. ebrary. Web. 10 Feb. 2012. <>.

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