New Reference Book: The Law and Politics of Sustainability

The Law and Politics of Sustainability edited by Klaus Bosselmann, et al.  Berkshire, 2011.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 363.7 B455S

Volume 3 of a larger, projected, 10 volume set titled Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. This volume, numbered 3 in the set,  focuses on concepts, subjects and people related to environmental law.  Entries fall within one of the following seven categories:

  • Case Studies (Article examples: Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez, Silent Spring)
  • Concepts and Theories (Article examples: Civil Disobedience, Environmental; Eco-Terrorism, Precautionary Principle)
  • Conventions, Conferences, Reports and Protocols (Article examples: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Convention on Wetlands, Law of the Sea)
  • Environmental Law by Nation/Region (Article examples: Environmental Law-Africa, Saharan; Environmental Law-Pacific Island Region; Environmental Law-Southeast Asia)
  • Legal Instruments and Regulatory Law (Article examples: Biotechnology Legislation, Enforcement, Green Taxes)
  • Social Issues (Article examples: Dark Sky Initiatives, Intergenerational Equity, Refugees-Environmental)
  • Water/Maritime Issues (Article examples: Cod Wars (United Kingdom vs. Iceland), Fishing & Whaling Legislation, Ocean Zoning)

Helpful for: Ecology, Global Studies, Eco-Action, Environmental Literature and Ethics, Earth Day, Humanities, Economics

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