Indieflix: Streaming Independent Film

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Who? – Indieflix: The library’s latest digital acquisition allows patrons to stream independent film.

What is it? – A collection of thousands of independent films: shorts, web series, full-length features and documentaries.  Currently containing about 3,000 films, with 60-100 new films added each week.

Where? – Anywhere you like!  Queuing at the bank, on the elliptical, in the common room.  On your computer, Roku and/or mobile device(s).

When? – Whenever you want.  Indieflix is available 24/7/365.

Why? – To provide you with the independent film genre as conveniently as possible.

How?- The library subscription is available here and via the the library website.

When visiting the Indieflix page for the first time, please do so from on-campus.  During your first visit to Indieflix create your own Indieflix account.  (Please use your email account; you choose your password).  This account will allow you to then access Indieflix anytime, anywhere.



Browse, watch, enjoy & even submit your own film for consideration.  🙂

Questions/comments? Email: lsanborn at sps dot edu. Please be in touch!







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