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It was great to meet with you today!  As I’m sure you remember, most highly recommended for your Telling & Re-Telling project is Grimal’s The Dictionary of Classical Mythology.  (Looks like this and lives in the reference room, Call Number 292 G88)



Although a bit bizarrely unwieldy, this volume can potentially retrieve for you the most fantastic results.  Remember this (which of course is also in your research guide :))?

Looking up Iphigenia in the References section reveals this:

The first word following Iphigenia is Apollod.  Flipping then, to the Table of Sources  and looking up the name Apollod(orus) gives us this:


After these two steps we know that Apollodorus wrote about Iphigenia in the Loeb volumes titled Bibliotheca and Epitome.  To locate either of these texts, we can now search the library catalog, Perseus Digital Library, HaithiTrust, and/or Google Books .

Best of luck with your assignment & do be in touch (lsanborn at sps dot edu) if I can help as you research!


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