Dear Latin Review,

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Thanks for having me over!  It was great to meet you all and discuss your Roman History research project.


As I’m sure you recall, there is a research guide created specifically for this project.


One item to mention; tightening up an ebrary search.  ebrary searches every word, on every page, in every book in the ebrary collection.  While this is a powerful feature, you may find it helpful to be able to retrieve a short list of ebooks specifically about your (broad) subject in Roman History.


First, from the top page of ebrary, select Advanced search.


Now, by changing the drop-down menu to ‘subject,’ ebrary can be asked to retrieve ebooks about a specific subject, in this case, Ancient Rome.  You may also wish to simultaneously request that ebrary retrieve books with a subject of Ancient Rome that also contain the word family (or government, military, whatever is relevant to your research).  This is the example given in the image below.



Best of luck with your assignment & do be in touch (lsanborn at sps dot edu) if I can help as you research!



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