Image Quest: 3 Million Images

The Library is very pleased to share its recent purchase of the Britannica Image Quest:

What is it?

An image database of over 3 million images, all rights cleared for educational use.

What does that mean, “rights cleared for educational use?”

These images can be used comfortably within our educational setting.  For example, this means that students can use these images in classroom projects and presentations, similarly, faculty can use them in lectures, meetings and student handouts.

These images still need to be cited!  To facilitate this process each individual Image Quest image page provides a handy citation to the bottom right of the image as illustrated below:


Using images from the Image Quest database that have been cleared for education use means you don’t need any additional permission to reproduce these images in your research projects – not the case with most images found online through resources like Google Image Search.  Start searching the Image Quest database for all your research projects for responsible and reliable results!








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