Defining Citation

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The library is working with the Dean of Studies office to more cleanly define citation.  The goal is to provide SPS an easy to understand what and why of citation.

Below is our draft.  Comments and suggestions are most welcome!  Feel free to post below, or, as always, feel free to email (lsanborn at sps dot edu).

Citation – What is it?

Citation is a standardized method of noting where one has located and then used/drawn on, another person’s work.

 Citation – Why?

Citation serves to identify the different voices that have contributed to the scholarly conversation, including yours.

 Citation – Types?

Several academic bodies have created their own discipline-specific citation style.  Here at SPS please use:

  • Humanities/Fine Arts/Math – MLA style (Modern Language Association)
  • Sciences – APA style (American Psychological Association)
  • Languages – Varies based on language.  Please consult language faculty.

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