Meet Your Librarians!

What is the best way to get to know a librarian? By getting them to talk about books, of course! Each month, we will introduce you to one of the librarians of Ohrstrom Library. This month, we talked to Ms. Lauren Rettig, our Library Technician.

We asked Ms. Rettig…

What was your first library?

“Libraries acted as study spaces all through my school life. I would consider my first library to be the Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners Library, where I volunteered after college. This experience showed me the power and value of libraries, which led me to pursue my career.”

Who are your top five favorite authors?

Lynda Barry, Sy Montgomery, Naomi Kline, Peterson Field Guides, and Nate Powell.”

What are your three “desert island” books?

“I am going to answer this question in the spirit of Gary Paulsen:

Wild Edibles: A Practical Guide to Foraging by Sergei Boutenko
The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts by Katie Letcher Lyle
Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: The Classic Guide to Building Wilderness Shelters by D. C. Beard”

What is the last book that made you laugh or cry or both?

“The last book that made me laugh was a book of essays called Little Weirds by Jenny Slate.”

If you could time travel, when and where would you go?

“I would go back in time to January 26th, 2022 to go to the hot cocoa bar in the dining hall again!”

What is your favorite room in Ohrstrom Library?

“The Baker Reading Room due to the pond view. I started working at the library in November, so this may change when the weather is warm and the terrace is open.”

What was your favorite subject/class in school?

“My favorite subject in school was art. I enjoyed the creative challenges and using art as a form of storytelling.”

Why do you like being a librarian at SPS?

“There are many things that I like about working at Ohrstrom Library. I sincerely enjoy working with our team at the library to serve and support SPS community members. The library team is a wonderful group of people that I greatly appreciate. I also appreciate the library and landscape architecture at SPS. There is a bridge from the library that leads to the ice rink!”

Ms. Rettig recommends:

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