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Opening days of the 167th session at St. Paul’s School are upon us!  We are eager to welcome our new and returning students to the grounds, and to Ohrstrom Library!

In thinking about opening days, it is always fun to peruse old issues of the Horae Scholasticae.  In its earliest format, the Horae served as the school’s newspaper, alumni newsletter, and vehicle for student work.  It was published ten times per year (!), and the first issue of the school year usually landed in late September or early October. In that issue, there was often mention of the end of the summer holidays, the start of term, and the number of new students. The following poem, commemorating the beginning of the 25th session can be found in the October 5, 1881 issue:


Again we are assembled here,

Within these same familiar halls,

And o’er the summer holidays

The curtain of the past now falls.

We see again the same old School,

Loved by all those who know her well;

We hear the same accustomed sounds, –

The chapel and the quarter bell.

All is the same about the School,

And yet the greatest change is here;

New faces all around we see

Instead of old ones, long so dear.

Ah! may those now to whom St. Paul’s

Intrusts her honour and her fame

Prove worthy of the sacred charge,

And make more bright her glorious name.

Farewell, old friends! may all success

Attend your deeds in after life; –

Welcome, ye new! who now take up

The right side in the coming strife.

You to her aid our Alma Mater calls, –

Be true to Heaven, your country, and St. Paul’s.


The poem is unattributed, but here is a glimpse of the Horae Board (as it was then called) for the year 1881. In this photo, you can see (alphabetically): William B. Anderson, Perry M. Buckingham, Alan M. Butler, Beirne Lay, James G. Mumford, Staunton B. Peck, and Rodney A. Ward.


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We look forward to seeing you soon!

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