October is American Archives Month

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October is American Archives Month!  We are highlighting the SPS Archives in Ohrstrom Library this month, so we thought we would answer a few common questions:

What is an Archives?

An archives is a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people. In fact, the word “archives” has multiple meanings.  It can refer to:

  • A group of valuable records,
  • The organization that is dedicated to preserving historical records,
  • The physical space where the records are kept.

Archives can hold a vast array of records, including documents, correspondence, photographs, newspapers, reports and publications, scrapbooks and diaries, maps, ephemera, artifacts, multimedia, electronic records, and more.

Why is that important?  Archives preserve and maintain records of enduring value, ensuring that future generations will have access to the historical record. Archival records provide firsthand information about the past, serve to strengthen collective memory, and protect people’s rights, property, and identity.


What can you find in the SPS Archives?

We are glad you asked!  We have a wide variety of records that together tell the story of St. Paul’s School over time.  We have:

  • School publications
  • Photograph collection
  • Rector’s Papers and other school records
  • Rare books (including books from the first SPS Library!)
  • Alumnus Author collection

You can also find part of our photograph collection online at the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives.


Who is your Archivist?

An archivist is the library professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, and provides access to archival records.

The St. Paul’s School Archivist is Ms. Parsi. Check back next week to learn more about her in our ongoing series, “Meet Your Librarians!”

Have a question about St. Paul’s School history?  Stop by the library and post your question on our “Ask the Archivist” board and Ms. Parsi will do her best to answer!


WHERE is the Archives?

The St. Paul’s School Archives is located on the lower level of Ohrstrom Library.  Current hours are:

Monday 11-4

Tuesday 8-4

Wednesday 1-5 (you can also find Ms. Parsi at the front desk on Wednesday nights!)

Thursday 8-3

Friday 8-12

Or contact Ms. Parsi directly to make an appointment to visit the Archives. We hope to see you soon!



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