Seeing Red (Covers)

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As librarians, we hear it all the time – “I don’t remember the title or the author, but the cover was [insert color here].”  Since it is February, the month of hearts and flowers, we are featuring RED books.  First, because it is fun to wander the library and pull books whose only commonality is the color of their covers.  Second, and more importantly, however, we want to remind everyone of the citation information and tools found in the library’s Research Guides.  Citations allow your readers to find and review the same sources you used. Since it is hard to track down “that red book” you quoted, you can use NoodleTools to get organized, take notes, and build accurate citations.

Click HERE to learn more about proper citations.

Click HERE to start using NoodleTools on your next project.

Looking for something to read over break?  Check out our red recommendations below!


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