Anniversary Boat Races

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Crew barges, 1909


Another Anniversary Weekend is here!  We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Form of 1973, the 25th anniversary of the Form of 1998, and will be pleased to welcome all forms ending in 3 and 8.  If you are here on the grounds, you know it will be a wonderful time!  As Fourth Rector Samuel S. Drury once wrote, “We’ll do our best to make you feel at home and will present you with the freedom of the School, which having once been yours is yours throughout the years.”

Alumni/ae will participate in familiar events like the fun run, the annual parade, and form photos, plus there will be lots of social time at the form dinners.  And, of course, everyone will meet down at the boathouse for the Alumni Boat Races on Saturday afternoon. Crew races have long been a part of Anniversary, with the first Halcyon and Shattuck race being rowed in 1871. We wondered about the tradition of the alumni races – when did they start?  We found the answer in the 20 June 1912 edition of the Horae Scholasticae:

The two veteran crews, after some hesitation, lined up at the quarter mile flag and started by mutual consent. Both crews rowed well and tore down the course with great speed. The Halcyon stroke, ably backed up by Captain Wheeler, soon crept ahead and led the Shattuck boat all the way, winning by ten lengths.

Both crews deserve congratulation for the splendid style and spirit displayed. The Shattuck crew made a noble effort. A race in which more real energy was expended has never been witnessed. As for the Halcyons one cannot say, as the newspapers put it, that they won “with ease”.

It is hoped that this race will be repeated next year, and that hereafter the graduate race will always be a pleasant feature on Race Day.

Racers that day were:

Shattuck – James S. Smith III, Form of 1908; Edward C. Hammond, Form of 1887; Robert A. Miller, Form of 1907

Halcyon – Herbert Wheeler, Form of 1895; Beverley C. Duer, Form of 1911; Frank T. Arms, Form of 1885

Who will win this year?  We can’t wait to find out!

Happy Anniversary and Welcome Home to all of our alumni/ae!

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