Poetry Month

We have a guest blogger for Poetry Month – Raen Kao, one of our Head Library Proctors:

April is Poetry Month! Poetry has a long history of being a form of condensed literature, potent and powerful. For instance, Audre Lorde’s “Who Said It Was Simple” is a wonderful example of the way poetry can pioneer politics; the poem’s impact on understanding intersectionality and the feminist movement is indelible. As is Sappho’s lyric poetry, which remains a historical comfort, exploring the weight and absolute feeling of love.

Freeform or acrostic, serious or sassy, poetry comes in a variety of forms and comes from a variety of voices. Our library’s resources rise to meet this diversity. Find SPS student poetry in the old Horae collections in the archives, read and listen to poetry books from our library’s impressive in person and digital collection, or even find the history of poetry through our library’s databases.

Here are a few poems that I recommend:

And here are some of my favorite poetry books:

What is your favorite poem?

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