Don’t Judge a Book By Its Genre!

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Don’t judge a book by its genre!

One of the fun things we did at Ohrstrom this past year was Book Bingo.  Students, faculty, staff, and (of course) librarians participated, reading books across all genres, many of which were outside our normal reading habits. One of those categories was “Graphic Novel”.

Graphic novels sometimes get overlooked as reading. If it has beautiful illustrations, it’s not really reading, right?  Not right at all! The combination of an author’s words and an illustrator’s vision of those words creates a deeper and more complex reading experience. Graphic novels can be fun and entertaining. They can tell important stories about history or share a person’s lived experiences. They can be retellings of familiar classics which allow us to see an old favorite in a new way. Whatever genre you usually read, there is a graphic novel that will be right up your alley!

Here are some graphic novels that the Ohrstrom librarians read this year:

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

Maus by Art Spiegelman

Spell On Wheels by Kate Leth

The Marble Queen by Anna Kopp

Interested in giving one a try?  While the library is closed, you can use your SPS credentials to access over 150 graphic novels on SORA. Try something new and enjoy!

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