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    New Reference Book: Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009

    Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009 by Curtis Gans, CQ Press, 2011. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 324.973 G15V A record of voter turnout in America.  Included elections: president, state governor, and House of Representatives. Examples: State Gubernatorial General Elections: Republican Turnout for Election Years 1870-1886 United States Presidential General Elections: Election Years 1892-1908 United States House of Representatives General Elections: Election Years 1890-1906 State Gubernatorial General Elections: Democratic Turnout for Election Years 1832-1948 United States Senate Primary Elections: Election Years 1952-1968 Helpful for: Politics, History, Humanities, Government, Statistics