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    Rainy Day Storytime

    Rainy day storytime with Woodside School reading Apples & Oranges by Sara Pinto - great fun for Mrs. Kittler and the students! 🍏& 🍊#sarapinto #applesoranges #ohrstromlibrary #storytime #iamsps #woodsideschool

  • Nugalia

    February 21, 1914

    Thank goodness: For the Thanksgiving dinner alone, were needed 73 Vermont turkeys, 49 Virginia hams, 2 barrels of sweet potatoes, 5 gallons of olives, 50 dozen bananas, about the same number of oranges, 88 boxes of sardines, 4 gallons of olive oil, not to mention all the delicacies, such as lettuce, nuts and raisins, cranberries, grapes, and the other things that go to make up a proper dinner for the feast.