Studying Smart from the Ground Up in Ohrstrom Library

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Kevin Barry – Library Director

I am happy to announce a collaborative initiative between Ohrstrom Library and the Office of Academic Support.  Effective September 9th, the ground floor of Ohrstrom Library will serve as the new host to the School’s Study Hall program.  During Study Hall hours, the entire ground floor of Ohrstrom will be designated and enforced as “quiet study space”.  Faculty members assisting with the evening Study Hall program will be positioned in and advising from the ground floor foyer, and students who are participants in the Study Hall program will be sharing many of the same study areas currently employed by students and faculty on a regular basis.  Integrating Study Hall into Ohrstrom Library is completely logical.  It fulfills the Library’s mission of creating a culture at St. Paul’s School that is conducive to engaging in productive study, one that offers just the right amount of support and resources available but without distractions in a very comfortable and attractive setting. Using a variety of library spaces – individual carrels, soft seating reading areas, and tucked-away nooks –  students who are part of Study Hall will thrive in a hospitable environment designed to suit their study preferences and styles.

More details regarding specific policies governing Study Hall Hours and program offerings are forthcoming from Kate Daniels in the Office of Academic Support.   Contact information: 229-4840  Schoolhouse 202.

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