Quiet Study Area Begins

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Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

Tuesday night marked the first evening of Study Hall on the lower level of Ohrstrom Library.  Students have always gathered in the evenings at Ohrstrom, and it is traditionally the busiest time of day for library staff.    The added presence of a faculty adviser brings the usefulness of the space into focus, with an eye (as well as ears) focused on containing the amount of social noise generated in order to provide the uninterrupted quiet that is so essential for focused study.

Library staff have added a number of signs on the lower level as reminders of this new program, designating the space as a “Quiet Study Area”.  Even though the lower level has been set aside as a quiet space, students also should be aware of the noise they generate on all levels of the library as there are many students throughout the library that come here to avoid distraction.  I have enlisted the help of the Ohrstrom Library Mascot, aka the Librarian Action Figure, to provide this visual reminder as well.  She has left her usual post on the main level of the library (where she keeps vigil in the office window located in the Language Reference section) to pose for this photograph.  She is demonstrating her practiced (and likely patented) “Shushing Action” to remind everyone of the new Study Hall policy now in place.  Come spend your evenings in Ohrstrom and enjoy the quiet.

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  1. Librarian Action Figure

    Oh, how I love the quiet on the lower level!!!! It simply makes my heart soar to see all those students studying so diligently.

    Librarian Action Figure

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