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Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

Above is a very groovy tag cloud featuring the most frequently used tags on Ohrstrom Blog. Your everyday tag cloud looks like THIS (in the right sidebar), but this WordPress plugin created by Roy Tanck organizes Ohrstrom Blog’s tags into a 3D whirling cloud of tag related fun (requires Flash Player 9 or better and JavaScript enabled).  It is a dynamic list so it will update as new tags are added. Take some time to explore the tag cloud by clicking on the floating words: the larger the type face the more posts that use the tag.

One of the ways we tag posts here is to use the name of academic classes as tags when a particular bit of information might be helpful to students in the class.  For example, if you click on the Humanities III tag – either in the tag cloud or in the list located at the bottom of a post – it will take you to two posts about new reference books that are good resources for subjects studied in that class.  Any time we add a new blog post with some information pertinent to the Humanities III curriculum, that post will be added to the tag list.

There is a mini version of the 3D tag cloud in the sidebar, and a permalink back to this post for fun and easy tag browsing.

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