Hum. 3 and Persepolis

By - Research & Instruction Librarian May 3rd, 2016

Dear Hum. 3,

Great to see you throughout this week!


Here’s the research guide we looked at; your mini-library for finding context and historical background related to Iran in the 1970’s.


Want to see Iran from the 1970’s?  The library’s subscription to the AP Image database (12 million images) can help with that.  I would recommend using the Advanced Search feature to limit the date range to the needed decade.



Dear Hum. 3,

By - Research & Instruction Librarian November 10th, 2015

Great to see you throughout this week and last!

Here’s the direct link to your 1950’s Social History research guide.


Thanks for asking such great questions!

  • Do we have to cite images?  – Yes, & the library purchases Noodletools to help with that if you like.
  • Are items from the 1950’s primary sources? – Yes again!
  • Can we access library collections from off-campus? – And, yes!  Simply visit to log in when off campus.





Researching the Iranian Revolution of 1979?

By - Research & Instruction Librarian April 30th, 2015

Researching the Iranian Revolution of 1979 in conjunction with Persepolis?

The top three Library sources, recommended for this assignment are:

These library sources (and a few more) are all within the Humanities 3 Research Guide for this project.

Updates! – Introduction to Islam – Research Guide

By - Research & Instruction Librarian January 29th, 2015

What new things will you find?

Questions?  Comments?  Like the trial?  Think we should buy?  Please be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn


Dear Third Form,

By - Research & Instruction Librarian October 16th, 2014

It’s been great to see you this week!


Here is your research guide, curating those library-purchased sources/eCollections most relevant to researching American Culture in the 1950’s.


Please be in touch with any research questions along the way!  🙂  Ms. Sanborn

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