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Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

The sidebar of Ohrstrom Blog now features feeds from all of the daily newspapers that we subscribe to with the exception of The Wall Street Journal.  If you are interested in a quick headline fix take a moment to check out today’s feeds, or add these feeds to your own feed reader using the links at the end of the post.

The Wall Street Journal doesn’t offer your average RSS feed, but instead has this overly clever flashy widget / gadget.  I can’t seem to format it to fit the width of the blog sidebar, so I have put it on this post page where it can spin and whirl in all its glory. You can change news categories by clicking on “Edit” in the upper right hand corner of the widget, which makes it whiz around like a slot machine.  You can then use the up and down arrows on the bottom to scroll through the headlines. I have included a permalink to this post in the sidebar with the rest of the RSS newspaper feeds.

Add these feeds to your reader and stay in touch with world beyond Millville:

Boston Globe Feeds

Concord Monitor Feed (local news feed – others available at by clicking the orange RSS feed buttons in the news category headings)

New York Times Feeds

Union Leader Feed

Wall Street Journal Newsreel Widget Add it to Facebook, Google, as a Vista desktop widget, and many other applications.

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