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    Hello Anatomy and Physiology,

    Working on the annual heart conditions and treatments project?   Need some scientific journals?  Research trials?   Your research guide contains links to several library-purchased scientific journal collections as well as the freely available ClinicalTrials.gov from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.   Research-y questions?  Can I help? Do let me know.      

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    New interface for journal Science

    Did you know?  The library purchases a site license to the preeminent journal Science.   This site license provides access to the most current issues and the complete archive (1880 to the present) of the journal.   New for 2016 is an updated interface, allowing for improved presentation on mobile devices and 1-click access to bibliographic references!   Science Homepage.  AAAS. 13 Jan. 2015. Web.

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    New Flipster Titles

    The library has added 4 newly-available titles to its Flipster magazine platform.   Looking for The New Yorker, Wired, Vogue or Vanity Fair in an online, always accessible, flip-page format? It’s here!   Questions?  Titles to recommend?  Let me know! P.S. Off the grounds and wish to browse the library’s digital magazine collection?  Simply log in to vpn.sps.edu, click the library icon and select Flipster from the list in the Digital Collections page.   Flipster SPS Collection Title List Page. EbscoHost. Web. 20 Nov. 2015.

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    What is it? Flipster is a digital magazine service with a page-flip platform.   What’s in it? Currently, the library has subscribed to the titles below.  Looking for something else?  Let me know!   Atlantic Monthly Backpacker Bicycling Bloombergs Businessweek Entertainment Weekly Esquire National Review Newsweek New York Review of Books Popular Mechanics Popular Photography Popular Science Road & Track Rolling Stone Runner’s World Sail Seventeen Sports Illustrated Time  

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    Dear Latin Review,

    Great to see you in the Schoolhouse earlier! Here’s the research guide for locating library research content about Ancient Roman culture. As we talked about, Ebsco’s new Explora interface is a great place to find many source types on a given topic, including: digitized magazines, newspapers, journal articles, eBook content and possibly even AP newsreels.