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    Dear American Government class,

    Researching polarization in U.S. government?  Below are recommended research sources purchased by the library.  The EbscoHost Academic Search Premiere collection will help to satisfy the academic article requirement; the additional sources will help you HH! CQ Researcher: Analytic reports, background and historical data, about 15-30 pages in length, focused on contemporary issues.  CQ reports are designed to be written in an impartial manner and also include a pro & con on either side of the issue. Here is  their 2/2014 report on polarization (& impact) in U.S. government Here’s their 2004 report on the same issue, in case history matters? Here also is a link to all the CQ Reports focused on Congress.…

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    19th Century US Newspapers

    The library recently added a collection of 19th Century US Newspapers to its digital holdings. This eCollection includes 500 U.S. newspapers, from the time period 1800-1900. This product can be consecutively searched with other library-purchased products from this company (Gale), including the Times of London, via the Newsvault search page.      

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    WWI Elective

      Looking for content to support the Treaty of Versailles cosplay? A few recommendations, first, some eCollections purchased by the library: For international primary sources the First World War digital archive. For biographical research, the Biography Database  : Over 435,000 biographies compiled from a variety of reference texts. For newspaper research from the time period: Illustrated London News, London Times, U.S. Newspapers 1851 -2004. Free on the web:  This German-based (with 50 international contributors) WWI database just launched last month (it got some good reviews in the library media): http://www.1914-1918-online.net/ Europe’s digital library (digitized content from Europe’s libraries, museums and archives) : http://www.europeana.eu/ Includes a WWI specific portal this past Spring (includes contributed content from DPLA, below): http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/en…

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    The New York Times dot com

    The Library just purchased campus-wide access to the NYTtimes.com site! Two items to note: Articles from 1923-1980 are not available. (For archival NYTs research, please use the library’s digital historical U.S. Newspaper collection).   Access to the NYTtimes.com site is available when on the grounds only. Remote access via vpn.sps.edu is not available.   Want more news?  Check here for a list of all of the library’s newspaper collections, digital and print.