Citing Indirect Sources: “Quoted in”

From time to time fourth form students find helpful quote(s) located in something other than the quote’s original source.  This is referred to as an indirect source. When parenthetically citing an indirect source, do give credit to the indirect source.  To do so, use the term “qtd. in” (stands for “quoted in”) followed by the last name of the author of the indirect source, followed by the page number on which the quote was found.

For example:

Schoder concludes that in Millville, “everybody wears plaid” (qtd. in Smith 275).

The end-of-paper, complete bibliographic citation for this same item, would then begin with the author of the indirect source.

For example:

Smith, Harry. The Fashions of St. Paul’s School. Concord: St. Paul’s Press, 2011. Print.

For additional information please see the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, page 226, section 6.4.7.  Two copies of this text are available at the Library’s front desk.

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