eResource Search: What is it?

The eResource Search serves as a search tool to the library’s digital content, both eBooks and ePeriodicals (digitized magazines, journals and newspapers).  Search for a particular ePeriodical title, and the eResource Search will identify which of the library’s databases contains the title.  In addition to identifying which database contains the digital title, a direct link to that same title is provided.  Use the eResource Search to determine if the library’s databases provide access to digital titles such as: the Concord Monitor, American Fern Journal or Western Folklore.  If the title is also physically held at the library, this information will be included as well.

In the same fashion, the eResource Search indexes the library’s many eBooks.  The eResource Search will identify which of the library’s eBook collections contains a given title and provide a direct link to that same title.

eResource Search  provides groups of eBooks and ePeriodicals by subject.  One can request a list of just eBooks on a given subject, just ePeriodicals or both.


Questions about the eResource Search?  Please feel free to contact Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu) with any questions about or to arrange for a personal tour of this product.

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