New Reference Book: Working Americans 1880-2006

Working Americans 1880-2006  edited by Scott Derks, Grey House Publishing, 2012.

Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 305.5 D44W

A snapshot of work & family economic life in America ranging in time from 1880-2006.

Over 40 family profiles are included.  Some examples:

  • 1937 Family Profile: Welder from Tennessee
  • 1945 Family Profile: Army Sergeant from North Caroline
  • 1976 Family Profile: Korean Fruit Stand Owners from New York
  • 1986 Family Profile: Meat-packer from Minnesota
  • 2005 Family Profile: Telemarketer from Washington State

Helpful for: Economics, U.S. History, Humanities, Family Studies, Humanities 4, Labor Studies


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