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In support of faculty summer reading, the library has purchased, in eBook form, both Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking (Cain) and The App Generation : How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World (Gardner, Davis), from library eBook vendor, Ebsco.


To note: Quiet has a one-eBook-one-user license, meaning it operates in the same way a print title operates: first to check it out will have it until it is returned.

The App Generation was (blessedly) available with an unlimited-user license, meaning all at SPS could (if desired) read/access the title at the same time.


These eBooks can be read within the Ebsco eBook browser reader, with it’s navigatable table of contents and keyword search feature.


Reading Ebsco eBooks on a Mac?  Ebsco recommends the Schubert|it PDF Browser plugin.


Ebsco eBooks can also be downloaded with Adobe Digital Editions, allowing them to be read when offline. Adobe Digital Editions is downloadable at the Adobe site: http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions/download.html

Additional information on downloading Ebsco eBooks is available on their help site, esp., this page as well as this Ebsco-produced eBook video tutorial.



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