Dear Hum. V,

By - Research & Instruction Librarian May 12th, 2016

Great to see you this week!


I loved your mind-mapping of the ‘Scholarly Conversation.’


When you’re ready to leap into the academic literature, here’s the page in the research guide (screenshot below) listing four databases providing just that.


As always, please be in touch with any research-y queries!  I love hearing from you. 🙂



Research #LikeABoss

By - Research & Instruction Librarian May 5th, 2016

Way to research Hum. 4!


During the month of the Hum. 4 research paper, April, you collectively:


  • Retrieved 546 reference articles from the Gale digital reference library.
  • Visited  the library’s Ebsco products 625 times (screen grab below).
  • Made 210 visits to the library’s Kanopy educational film database, watching 1,502 minutes of footage.
  • And viewed the Hum. 4 research guide – 3,334 times!



EbscoAdmin Page – April 2016 Session Usage Report. EbscoHost. Web. 03 May 2016.

Hello Anatomy and Physiology,

By - Research & Instruction Librarian January 28th, 2016

Working on the annual heart conditions and treatments project?


Need some scientific journals?  Research trials?


Your research guide contains links to several library-purchased scientific journal collections as well as the freely available from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.


Research-y questions?  Can I help? Do let me know.





By - Research & Instruction Librarian October 8th, 2015

What is it?

Flipster is a digital magazine service with a page-flip platform.


What’s in it?

Currently, the library has subscribed to the titles below.  Looking for something else?  Let me know!


Atlantic Monthly
Bloombergs Businessweek
Entertainment Weekly
National Review
New York Review of Books
Popular Mechanics
Popular Photography
Popular Science
Road & Track
Rolling Stone
Runner’s World
Sports Illustrated


Flipster Homepage. EbscoHost. Web. 25 Sept. 2015. .

Ebsco’s Explora

By - Research & Instruction Librarian October 1st, 2015

The library purchases many collections of digital content from vendor Ebsco (things like digital magazines, journals, newspapers, eBooks).

Now, Ebsco is offering a search box to search this content, at once, simultaneously.  PLUS, they’ve added thousands of AP newsreels.

This interface is named Explora.

Level up, efficiency.


“Explora: Meditation Search Results Page.” EbscoHost. Web. 25 Sept. 2015. <>.


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