Loeb Classical Library – 1 year in.

Last year the library began its subscription to the Loeb Classical Library.


Over this past year the Loeb eBooks have been opened 1411 times in this inaugural year, (with 715 of those being in the month of October 2015).


A measure of Classics students diligent research? 🙂


Our Loeb sales associate also shares these good things to look forward to:


“Upcoming additions to the Library include Galen’s On the Constitution of the Art of Medicine, The Art of Medicine, and A Method of Medicine to Glaucon, and new editions of works by Appian, Augustine, Caesar, and Livy.”

Digital Loeb Classical Library – Now Online. Prod. Harvard University Press. YouTube. 16 Mar. 2014. Web. 01 Dec. 2015. <http://youtube/ uQYy3Yml5r4>.

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