Why do we cite?

The Hum. 4 paper is due in a few short days & my inbox is happily filled with citation conundrums.


Why do we do it?


Academics cite for a variety of good reasons, including:

  • To supply the reader with the source information, should the reader wish to locate the item.
  • To demonstrate use of, and credit, the work being drawn upon.
  • To distinguish the different voices contributing to one’s project, including distinguishing one’s own voice and contribution to the conversation.


A quick shout-out to Noodletools.com (integrates with Google docs!) for citation creation and it even helps with in-text citation format.


Citation sticky wickets?  Let me know, happy to help!



Image Information:

NoodleTools: Works Cited Project Page. Noodletools. Web. 22 April 2016.


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