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    Why do we cite?

    The Hum. 4 paper is due in a few short days & my inbox is happily filled with citation conundrums.   Why do we do it?   Academics cite for a variety of good reasons, including: To supply the reader with the source information, should the reader wish to locate the item. To demonstrate use of, and credit, the work being drawn upon. To distinguish the different voices contributing to one’s project, including distinguishing one’s own voice and contribution to the conversation.   A quick shout-out to Noodletools.com (integrates with Google docs!) for citation creation and it even helps with in-text citation format.   Citation sticky wickets?  Let me know, happy to…

  • General Works,  Research

    NoodleTools for iPad

    NoodleTools recently underwent an iPad-friendly redesign.  To access this latest version, simply open Safari on your iPad and visit NoodleTools. Please note that opening up your RTF NoodleTools document on an iPad may cause reformatting.  Using Google Docs is recommended. Good News:  NoodleTools is developing a native iOS app. Ohrstrom blog will let you know as soon as it becomes available.