Snowy Days in Millville

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It has been snowing here in Millville! And snowing!  And then snowing some more!  We have to admit, it has been pretty here on the grounds, with the snow settling into the trees and onto the rooftops. We took lots of pictures!  Then we wondered what the grounds might have looked like in winters past, so we hit up the archives to see what we could find.

A view of the Rectory, with The School in the background. The School, built in 1880 and torn down in 1929, was located at the site of today’s Schoolhouse. The Rectory was built in 1872 and had already been enlarged twice (1890 and 1896) by the time this picture was taken in the early 1900’s.
On the left is the Old Infirmary, which was renamed Twenty House in 1914. The building was torn down in 1940. On the right is the Big Study and the Old Middle, with the Chapel in the background. We know that the photo was taken after 1900 because the Chapel tower was added in 1894 and the Old Middle was rebuilt from the Old Lower School in 1899.
The view across Lower School Pond, looking towards the school, circa 1903-1904. The first hockey game played with rules in the U.S. happened right here at SPS in November 1883.









A view from the Concord road. You can see the Red Barn, The School, Alumni House, and the Chapel tower in the distance. Alumni House, opened in 1902, was originally a lodging for School visitors, but was converted to the Business Office in 1957.


A snowy view of Sheldon, then and now. Sheldon was built in 1901 and served as the School’s library for ninety years.














To see more pictures of winter in Millville, check out our Digital Archives, keyword SNOW.

Stay warm out there…it doesn’t feel like it, but spring is on the way!

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