Library of Things

For Library Lovers’ Month, Ms. Rettig shared Ohrstrom’s “Library of Things” during a very successful Lib @ Lunch.

Many people believe that libraries only lend books, yet libraries provide a wide variety of resources for patrons well beyond only books! At Ohrstrom, we offer DVDs, LPs, knitting looms, snowshoes, a projector, and umbrellas. Additionally, the library has a large selection of in-library-use-only materials including computer chargers, phone chargers, laptops, calculators, headphones, board games, and project supplies. These resources are used daily by the SPS student body. And don’t forget, Ohrstrom users can access digital resources to be used on a variety of devices, whether in the library or away.  Explore the library’s digital resources here!

As always, ask your librarians if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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