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    Google Scholar? Holler!

    Google Scholar What?¬†¬†A subset of Google that searches for scholarly literature on the web. A mix of full-text, citations and abstracts.   New:¬†Three of the library’s digital collections are now indexed in Google Scholar: JSTOR, Ebsco, and Proquest.   Meaning? When searching Google Scholar, freely available citations, abstracts and full-text are retrieved, AND now, content from the three library providers named above.   “Adolescents and Sleep.” Search results page. ¬†Google Scholar. Web. 02 Feb. 2016. Quick note:¬†While an exciting and valuable tool, Google Scholar is a non-discerning aggregator, in that it includes questionable and even possibly predatory open-access titles. ¬†When using Google Scholar, consider consulting Beall’s list of “Potential, possible,…

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    A.I. Research

    Dear A.I. Class,   So great to meet with you!   As mentioned in class & as available in the A.I. research guide, 2 new eCollections are available for A.I. Research:¬†IEEE¬†Xplore¬†and the¬†ACM Digital Library.   Reseach questions, comments, conundrums? ¬†Please be in touch! ¬†Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu)       IEEE¬†Xplore What is¬†it? IEEE is the acronym for the¬†Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE¬†Xplore¬†is an eCollection of engineering and technology journals, conference proceedings, magazines and eBooks, from and about engineering and technology. ¬†Currently the eCollection contains over 3 million items. According to the¬†IEEE¬†Xplore¬†subscription paperwork,¬†“More than 30% of all technology literature can be found in the IEEE…

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    Engineering Digital Library

    Now available! ¬†The SPS¬†Engineering Digital Library.   What is it?   A collection of digital sources purchased by SPS in support of the new Honors Engineering program, including: IEEE¬†Xplore ACM Digital Library Springer¬†eCollection Details on how to extract engineering eBooks from the over 300,000 eBooks purchased by the library (!)   Questions? Comments? ¬†Please be in touch! ¬†Ms. Sanborn