A Journey Through Millville

Take a journey through the history of Millville!

(L to R): Sally, Lucas, Maude

Ever wondered about the history of the oldest buildings at SPS?  Sally Brunelle ’24, Lucas Salazar Anaya ’24, and Maude Niemann ’25 did too!  For a semester-long assignment for their Engineering Projects class with Mr. Renauld, they decided to create a website that told the stories of twelve buildings around campus. Working in the archives, the team scanned historic photographs, created timelines, and pulled a few facts on each building. They did not just focus on existing buildings, but went back in time to include a few “vanished” ones as well.

Featured current buildings include the New Chapel, the AFC, Armour, The Upper (Coit), Schoolhouse, the Squash Courts, the Quad Dorms, and Sheldon Library. The “vanished” buildings include the Big Study, the old gymnasiums, SPS founder Dr. Shattuck’s House, the first School building, and the original squash courts.

The website is available now at this LINK.  Within a few weeks, you will find QR codes around campus. Scanning them will bring you to that building’s page on the website, and will make the project accessible to a wide audience of students, community members, and school visitors.  As the team said, “We believe that history is at the heart of our school. With this project, we have the opportunity to spread this historical information to the greater community”.







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